Forget Predestination. How about totes “Scripted”?



Without apologies or superfluous preamble, my “Script Theory” is, simply put, that God wrote a book, and that book is the Universe and all Life, past, present, and future—relative to this moment, your moment, any moment, in the 4D-Space/Time Continuum—and Free Will is an “illusion which cannot be denied by Man.” That is the Great Paradox.

My evidence relies on The Bible and Science. God’s Inspired Word. His attributes, Physics, Logic, and objective reality. The only a priori, albeit subjective, starting point is a belief in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and Jesus Christ. Then again, perhaps this thesis may serve as a Proof of God. Then again, again, I’m no Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, or John Calvin. Linguistics herein inspired by William James and Will Rodgers. My opinion(s), and aware that these topics are of little interest to, and of no benefit for Christians and Jews who simply love the Lord God.  Nonetheless, here goes:

Is God subject to, or, limited by Time? Does He have a clock on His wall? Does He predict or control what will happen in the Future, mine or yours? Is His knowledge merely omniscient foresight, i.e. He knows our hearts and can “Predict”? Or, does he know the future because He sees it(!)? Is He the Aristotelian Material Cause, Formal Cause, Efficient cause, and Final Cause, or isn’t He?

I say: He wrote this book. Every page, every line, every character, every subplot. He wrote The Beginning of this Big Bang-Six Day thriller. He wrote The End, and the Middle. Every descriptive passage. Therefore, or if so, He has the only copy of this book in his hand. And therefore, or if so, nothing is going to *change within the text. What is the alternative?

Did God create the Universe and from that spectacular moment—in Time—must watch its progress, perform occasional maintenance duties, tweak the machinery, get rid of some antagonists and poke protagonists? Is He merely a spectator with a really powerful remote?

Is God finite or is He infinite? If He is finite, then He cannot logically be omnipresent. If He is infinite, then He cannot be contained within the boundaries of the 4D-Space-Time Continuum. He exists outside, around—all around! He is everything, which happens to include the rotating expanding Universe. He exists, still, in The Beginning. He exists far beyond the Revelation-End. Therefore, He is looking at The End at this, any, every moment. Is that End constantly changing?

Is the Universe an Open End project, a helter-skelter circus of unchained creatures, flora/fauna, people, molecules and stars? If so, then “Chance” rules, despite Newtonian Cause-Effect classical physics. Both are observable, but Quantum-crazy Chance fails to achieve “Major Law” status. And yet it cannot be dismissed. It never goes away, and The End cannot be precisely determined.

I say: The 4D Continuum is Closed End. It’s a book, written and published. Set in stone. All the affairs of man and planets were predetermined by the Creator, the Author. *And therefore, if so, Free Will cannot exist. Does God know what Choices will be made, or doesn’t He? Does He simply know so much about or hearts and DNA that He can predict very accurately? And, maybe He can influence circumstances or hearts in order to get the desired outcome? That desired outcome is The End. He doesn’t know The End yet? Or, He knows The End in a fundamental sense but isn’t precisely aware of how “we” get there? Certainly he is in control of the play and its actors.

Does God’s attributes include any limitations? Is He omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, or not? Does He know what happens, precisely, in the future or not? If not, the why not?

“Truly I tell you,” Jesus answered, “today–yes, tonight–before the rooster crows twice you yourself will disown me three times.” “Truly I tell you,” Jesus answered, “today–yes, tonight–before the rooster crows twice you yourself will disown me three times.” Peter was being his customary solemn tough-guy. Jesus punctured his ego balloon, for a reason of course.

Consider these three possibilities. One, Jesus is a really good prognosticator. He sees and knows what the rooster is doing at the moment and He knows Peter’s heart and DNA. Two, Jesus has the power to make this happen, influence all persons involved and poke the rooster at the appropriate Time.

Three: He wrote this book. John 1:1-5 ”In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2He was with God in the beginning. 3Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. 4In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. 5The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome a it.”

Jesus could have told Peter what his blood pressure would be when the rooster later announces his guilt. He has seen it before, and sees it even now. He wrote the scene(s)! His Holy Spirit sustains the motions of molecules and guides fields and particles of Light.

Think about that, if you will. “Chance” is not involved. *Neither is Free Will. It will happen, as Planned. And it did. Could Peter have messed everything up by choosing not to deny Christ? If he could and did, what would that have done to the future “Catholic Church” or any denomination? The nature and future of this world? I suggest that no man—“World Leader,” or not—can affect the Future unless said affections were preordained by God. Consider Jeremiah 1:5. “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” The adage, “Everything happens for a reason” is applicable. God’s “reasons” prevail, and they are the First Precedent.

God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit didn’t take chances when He exploded that unimaginably super-dense “particle” and launched His Book. He designed every single detail, measurable by man theoretically, but not practically. He designed the DNA of Einstein’s 4D Space-Time Continuum and breathed life into that explosion. He knew that Adam and Eve would sin. He knew that only one commandment would suffice. Ten were not necessary. Just one. He could have chosen a different commandment, such as “Don’t let one son kill another!” He chose the perfect one, the one which would “allow” them to doubt Him and disobey Him. The one which would alter the relationships of all Creatures. The one which would ignite the Laws of Thermodynamics. The one which would expose their only imperfection: They were not God.

The whole of Creation is imperfect, because it is NOT God. This a truth not because of Predestination, but rather because of logic—and ‘Who God is’. In “The End” God cannot coexist with an imperfect Creation for eternity, because that is anathema to His attributes. But God inserted into the DNA of Creation the only mechanism capable of reconciling that imperfection. He, The Word, the Son, would become incarnate, be born, and, would suffer the Cross. The Atonement. And Jesus paid the combined debt of all sin. He secured His right to present His children to His Father. Ephesians 1:3-14.

3”Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ. 4For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. In love 5he b predestined us for adoption to sonship c through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will— 6to the praise of his glorious grace, which he has freely given us in the One he loves. 7In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace 8that he lavished on us. With all wisdom and understanding, 9he d made known to us the mystery of his will according to his good pleasure, which he purposed in Christ, 10to be put into effect when the times reach their fulfillment—to bring unity to all things in heaven and on earth under Christ.

11In him we were also chosen, e having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will, 12in order that we, who were the first to put our hope in Christ, might be for the praise of his glory. 13And you also were included in Christ when you heard the message of truth, the gospel of your salvation. When you believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit, 14who is a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance until the redemption of those who are God’s possession—to the praise of his glory.”

None of these things, nor any things, happen by Chance.

Finally, few Predestination proponents accept a totally “Scripted” Universe. It makes them nervous. Free Will fans might become apoplectic. Consider this possibility, if you will. What if a few seconds after The End, God says to all assembled that He scripted it all. And he explains that Free Will was indeed an illusion. *(No one is to blame for their choices and acts?) However, He further explains that he is about to offer eternal life plus a true Free Will—if each agrees to love Him, and worship only Him. And he asks, ‘You see me now. You see My Son. What will you do? How will you live? Will you do as you did in the World? Or will you become my sons and daughters?’

What if: Many will certainly praise The Lord God and be filled with the Holy Spirit forever. And yet many, according to their nature, will abhor this proposition and they will still hate Jesus Christ. Satan is in attendance. Can he accept this deal? I, personally, doubt it. No, of course not. Alas, I don’t know, because I am an imperfect, stupid, obnoxious, gun-toting curmudgeon and predestined innate sinner. But I sure have “Hope.” And I hope that I take the deal. Actually, I hope that Jesus already sealed the deal, and wrote my name down in His Book of Life. Done deal. Hope you do, as well.

“Scripted” doesn’t bother me a bit. In fact, I’d prefer it to Chance and Free Will.

Note 1. Statements marked with an asterisk will be explained in a subsequent “Addendum.” Essentially, they represent a personal resolution of the question screaming out in my mind: “If all this is true, forget worrying about Free Will, ‘Genius’—Of what value is prayer?!” Uh oh. Am I negating “prayer”? Making it a moot and futile exercise? Heck no! Okay, something is missing. Something gravely important. I Thessalonians 5:16-18: 16”Rejoice always, 17pray continually, 18give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

I think I figured it out, maybe possibly perhaps. The “Book” is, actually, a “Living Book.” Only God can and did write a Living Book. God can alter the Script. Does my opinion matter to God? Yes, and, No. To be continued…


Congressional kabuki theater, or WWF?


A long, long time ago—immediately after becoming a politician meant increasing one’s personal wealth—Washington, D. C. pols were amazed at the sums garnisheed from taxpayers. Being such civic-minded stalwarts, these popularly elected legislators, they all wanted to utilize (spend) this money making and keeping “The People’ happy, happy, happy.

The first problem which developed from their largesse was that their projects always cost more than proposed. A second, and worse, problem resulted in projects so inefficient and misguided that they almost (scratch the ‘almost) did more harm than good. The third corruption occurred when government personnel, agencies, and especially Congress, quietly realized that they had to spend all of the money, in order to avoid reductions in future revenues.

My post, however is about the fourth corruption—the theater, the sport, the game.

Ka·bu·ki  (kə-bo͞o′kē) A type of popular Japanese drama, evolved from the older Noh theater, in which elaborately costumed performers, nowadays men only, use stylized movements, dances, and songs in order to enact tragedies and comedies.

They’ve evolved in D,C, It’s no longer men only. (Nancy Pelosi!) (Hillary was there, a necessary stepping stone for her ordained…well, never mind) Perhaps soon it won’t even be “men” and “women” only. Regardless, the actors have not really evolved, but rather developed even greater skills at portraying characters in drama and comedy. Eloquent folks (many attorneys), they pour their hearts and souls into performances. The best actors retain their roles for many years (Chuck Schumer and John McCain, et al).

But, for some reason, nothing ever changes in the country—at least not for the good of The People. It’s not the fault of the Republican Party, the GOP leaders and followers say—and, vice versa from the Dems. “We’re fighting hard for you, though,” they both say.

John McCain knows he will have to retire at the end of this Senate term, his sixth. Repeal and replacement of Obamacare was a centerpiece of his 2016 reelection campaign. He got reelected. John McCain isn’t a Conservative “maverick.” He is a Liberal maverick. And now that he’s a lame duck, his need to follow the script of the Play is over. He can’t be fired.

Democrats, such as Chuck Schumer, Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and so many others, have an even better contract/employment situation. It doesn’t matter what they do, say, or don’t. Their constituents will keep reelecting them until they are charged with a crime. (Scratch charged, replace with imprisoned, or, at least convicted.)


It’s all kabuki theater. It has less authenticity than the WWF. I had the pleasure of working with a former WWF star, Warlock, and later as Jay Kraken, (now an LEO-Ops sergeant). “Jay” revealed to me some amazing facts about the WWF. For one thing, his fitness tests, required to even get his foot in the door, would send NFL-combine contestants to a hospital. Yes, there were many scripts. And roles depend upon a wrestler’s ratings and fan base. But all of those guys, and gals, work hard—for their audience. They do actually fight!

I suppose Washington, D. C. people and pols work occasionally. They certainly care about their fan base, at least during reelection campaigns. Do they always try to win? I don’t think so. Do they care? I don’t think so. Are they good actors? You betcha! Will they come together and give a ton of (taxpayer) money to Houston, Puerto Rico, and California, as Jeff Flake stated, in a quick and decisive manner? Yep. Will they do anything else in a “quick and decisive manner”? Nope. The show must go on.

Is it kabuki theater? Is it rehearsed wrestling? The actors and pseudo-fighters have a captive audience. It’s time to start throwing tomatoes.

Dear Neil deGrasse Tyson – Mother Nature exists, but God doesn’t?



Most scientists say that there is no evidence that “ GOD “ exists, including Albert Einstein, whose many statements regarding God have been documented. I truly respect what Einstein has contributed to our collective (a yucky word!) knowledge of the Universe. But anyone who thinks that he was a believer is uninformed. I won’t clutter this article with his quotes. However, I might quote other true and also alleged scientists.

For instance, a tweet from a modern day progressive science-hero, Neil deGrasse Tyson:

“Mother Nature has been genetically modifying organisms for nearly four-billion years. Farmers for ten-thousand years.”

Really? Can Mother Nature be seen with a telescope? Microscope? Oscilloscope?

[“Sure! Mother Nature can be seen in everything.”] But, God can’t?

Mr. Tyson, according to Patheos, a progressive secular humanist web site, in a “CBS web exclusive”:

Neil deGrasse Tyson Finds No Evidence For God’s Existence

            Tyson replied:

The more I look at the universe, the less convinced I am that there is something benevolent going on…

… I look at disasters that afflict Earth, and life on Earth: volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, disease, pestilence, congenital birth defects. You look at this list of ways that life is made miserable on Earth by natural causes, and I just ask, “How do you deal with that?”

So philosophers rose up and said, “If there is a God, God is either not all powerful or not all good.”

I have no problems if, as we probe the origins of things, we bump into the Bearded Man. If that shows up, we good to go! Okay? Not a problem.

There’s just no evidence of it.

And this is why religions are called “faiths” collectively. Because you believe something in the absence of evidence. That’s what it is! That’s why it’s called “faith”! Otherwise we would call all religions “evidence,” but we don’t, for exactly that reason.

Watch the full segment in the video below:

This is not the first time Tyson has gently and diplomatically denied the existence of God. Indeed, Tyson has made an art form out of quietly denying God’s existence while never outing himself as an atheist.

Oh, really? “…quietly denying God’s existence…? “…while never outing himself as an atheist…? Does CBS actually think that Christians and Jews do not recognize atheistic, humanist, and anti-God speech and journalistic bias? How about the Huffington-Puffington Post?

In an interview with Huffington Post in 2014, while promoting his then new television series Cosmos, the celebrated scientist gently argued that there is no evidence for the Judeo Christian god. At the time Tyson gave a remarkably similar answer to his recent response to CBS:

Tyson’s “remarkably similar” response is also remarkably similar to the beliefs of another popular expert on science—who really isn’t a scientist:

Bill Nye On Belief In God: Explains How And Why He Is Agnostic …

Jan 22, 2014 – Host Josh Zepps relayed a question from a community member that asked Bill Nye if he believed in God. Watch the video above to see Bill …

Bill Nye, “The Science Guy”, is not a believer. I, personally, hope and pray often that there is a God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jesus Christ Yeshua Ha-Mashiach –

I wouldn’t mind seeing proof of “MOTHER NATURE’, but she isn’t mentioned in The Bible, the Pentateuch, or any other ancient documents, as far as I know. Does she fit into the physics’ Standard Model? Where is she, Mr. Tyson?

Astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson, seems to constantly speak in the kind of generalities favored by astrologers. Scorpio: Today you will have an opportunity to make an enemy or a friend. Your attitude may be the deciding factor.

No kidding? I’m in trouble, then.

I prefer physicists who talk about classic and quantum mechanics, and non-locality, because they’re the ones who will never say that God doesn’t exist. They are incredibly intelligent people, but they will admit that there is a whole bunch of stuff (technical term) that remains outside observable qualia.

As I have previously stated, my research for my third novel, Spectrum and Principalities, led me into the venues of physics, neurology, anatomy, philosophy—and, theology, of course. I already stated that “Science” has convinced me that there is no observable-measurable evidence of spirits, paranormal events, miracles, near-death experiences, a survivable soul, or of, in Mr. Tyson’s words, “The Man in a Beard.”

Does “Mother Nature” have a beard? Mustache? Regardless, here’s a preview of one of the premises in my #4 novel:

If God doesn’t exist, then what is the value of a man’s life? George Washington has many statues—which may be destroyed by those who hate our country and its history. But, I digress. If there is no survivable soul, no eternal resurrection, and only ashes, dust, and worms’ meat, then what good are statues? How does Mr. Tyson and history judge George Washington’s next door neighbor? (What was his name?) George’s pets? His slaves? The first soldier lost under his command? The last one?

I appreciate statues honoring history, including those of Dr. Martin Luther King and Thomas Jefferson. Their lives had and have meaning. I also believe that the only way their lives have eternal meaning is if there is an eternity. Are the lives of unknown soldiers, unknown neighbors, unknown pets, and all unknown deceased human beings without eternal value?

If this life is all there is, and if Mother Nature has the final say, then why…? I can’t decide what question to ask. What difference does it make? Oh, maybe that’s the question.

Nope. There has to be a question which either proves God’s existence or proves otherwise. I need to find that question. Any suggestions?



Mickley, Trezevant, families, & Civil War


“Memory is an easy dupe, and tradition a careless story-teller.” – Introduction to my family genealogy.

Families that fought together in the Revolutionary War, in many cases, had to fight against each other in the American Civil War. Some families even had relatives fighting on both sides. All wars are horrific. All civil wars have a way of being more so, at least in terms of senseless slaughter and socio-economic destruction. Our Civil War and all other wars were meant to be if, like me, you believe that this World’s woeful tale was predestined by God according to His Divine purpose. That is not to say that man, all of us, is not accountable for the horror.

My patriarchal family were French Huguenot refugees who fled to Germany and finally to the American Colony. John Jacob Mickley, in genealogy:”We have, however, authentic information that our ancestor, John Jacob Mickley, was born in Europe, in the year 1697 ; that he came to America in the ship Hope, of London, from Rotterdam, Holland, arriving in Philadelphia, August 28th, 1733. He was married in this country to Elizabeth Barbara, daughter of Ulrich Burkhalter, and settled in Whitehall Township, Northampton,

My Great-x-?-Grandfather helped save the many bells of Philadelphia—including the State House Bell (now known as the Liberty Bell)—from capture by the British forces. John Jacob Mickley, in fact, took the 2000lb bell in his own Conestoga wagon, filled with manure, according to family genealogy and historic documents. Most records indicate that the wagon broke down near Bethlehem and was transferred to another wagon to be taken to Allentown.

The memorial tablet is mounted to the fence in front of the Zion’s Reformed United Church of Christ in Allentown.  It was in an early version of this church that the Liberty Bell was hidden.  The tablet is inscribed:

In Commemoration Of The Saving Of The
Liberty Bell
From The British, September 1777
Erected to The Memory Of
John Jacob Mickley
CommissaryOf Issues, And Member Of The General
Committe From Whitehall Township
Northampton County, Pennsylvania
Who Under Cover Of Darkness, And With His Farm Team 
Hauled The Liberty Bell From Independence Hall 
Philadelphia, Through British Lines To Bethlehem
Where The Wagon Broke Down,  September 23, 1777.
 The Bell Was Then Transferred To Frederick Leiser’s
Wagon, And Brought To Allentown, September 24, 1777.
It Was Placed Beneath The Floor Of Zion‘s Reformed
Church, Where It Remained Secreted For Nearly A Year

The Tablet Is Placed By The Order Of The Assembly Of The
Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania, June 2, 1907.  Under The
Auspices Of The Pennsylvania Daughters Of The American
Revolution.  Erected October 15,  1908

My ancestors on my father’s side populated many towns and regions of Pennsylvania and Ohio. My mother’s people were, eventually, mostly from southern states. As with most American families, it’s complicated.

Two families whose histories I have perused, Mickleys and Trezevants, both French Huguenot refugees, are a good case in point. Whereas my father’s name and people spread across Pennsylvania and the East North Central region, the Trezevants grew and prospered in the Carolinas, Tennessee, and other southern states. Were the two families antagonists in the Civil War? I would like to find out if they did, because I intend to write an historical fiction novel involving these Huguenot-American patriotic clans.

My point today is that all Americans who fought in the Civil War were patriots who loved their country. But the economical and political animosities became hatred and so inflamed a nation that a war between former friends and allies was inevitable, a war which cost a young country dearly in blood and treasure. The war ended, officially, on May 9. 1865. Healing wounds required much longer than the four years it took for the industrialized North to defeat the agricultural South. But, for most people the wounds have long since healed. Sadly, for some, spirits of hatred never let go of their hearts and souls.

 Still, how could a country become so divided again, today?

 Back then, the “sides” had different notions regarding representation, because the northern states were more heavily populated than the south. The very issue of states’ rights was hotly disputed. Some southern states believed that the abolitionists were willfully inciting violence. The institution of slavery was the big issue at the time. However, only 25% of all southerners owned slaves Slavery in America: back in the headlines – The Conversation . Texas decried the lack of military support from the federal government. And, there were numerous disagreements with taxation, unfair economic policies, and a host of procedural and regulatory edicts.

What are the issues today? Confederate statues and monuments? Flags? Building and street names? Last names of an Asian-American ESPN sportscaster and others? My middle name is Lee for a reason—my mother’s side of my lineage. I was born and raised in the south. (Yeah, many would not now consider Florida to be a “southern” state. Too damned many Yankees.) Nonetheless, no one in my ancestry has ever owned slaves, as far as I know—neither my Pennsylvania forefathers, nor my maternal Georgia-Florida stock. My so-called White privilege has been awfully ambivalent. But none of that should matter.

The only thing which should matter is that suddenly—in 2017, for some strange reason—neo-Nazis protestors are clashing violently with “Antifa” protestors who want to tear down statues everywhere. In my opinion, with or without a Game Day Program, it’s hard to tell the fascists from anarchists and socialists. Neither side is interested in my opinion. Actually, neither side is interested in peace. One group wants to go back in time. The other wants to destroy all records of Time.

I think that the United States of America, a nation founded by Divine Providence and with a blueprint for liberty and justice for all, deserves to be loved and defended. We should respect and celebrate our on-going journey. My oldest son, a USMC staff sergeant, has deployed to Iraq once, and Afghanistan three times. Is President Donald Trump sending our sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters to Afghanistan to—in the words of Fox News’ Juan Williams—deflect from a comment about Charlottesville, Virginia? What sane and reasonable person could make such a statement?

I’ll conclude my comments, today, with two more. Civil wars, in the name of strong or stupid reasons, noble or evil, never turn out well for either side. But, like my ancestors, I will fight if I have to.



Big Bang and Predestination – a layman’s opinion


Advance of Math Visualization

Without any Critique of Pure Reasoning-like preamble, I will start by stating that I believe that it is possible—perhaps probable—that our Universe is a wholly predestined, super deterministic, living Creation.

Simply put, I believe that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is omniscient—and all of those other omni attributes—and he exists in and around our 4-Dimensional Space-Time Continuum. He is not subject to the Arrow(s) of Time, Classic or Quantum Laws of Physics or Mechanics, or any other Standard Models. God is the only First Cause. He is own Material (Formal), Efficient, and Final Cause—although I personally question the “change” or “changing” aspects of these last three causes as espoused by Aquinas and almost everybody else.

Since many Christians agree with the above, why is there not a consensus as to cosmological, eschatological, and theological ramifications? A systematic theology sheds a lot of burdensome baggage when the starting point is total deference to God’s Will, and, His Plan.

If God exists around the Universe, He sees the beginning, middle, and the end. In fact, I’m assuming apriori that He created the whole mess. That super piece of something-or-another which exploded into…well, everything, had a pretty amazing design and fabrication process. The DNA of the Universe did, is, and will determine each and every event, right up until the final curtain.

If all of this is true, Free Will must be an illusion, right? My answer: Yes! And, no.

You see, the thing is, it cannot be denied that Man enjoys choices every waking moment. However, it is possible—probable, in my opinion—that God so precisely designed this Big Bang bundle of joy that even human nature was/is mapped. Characters in this unique “living” novel are never going to actually surprise the Author and change themselves, much less the ending. Like an alcoholic who tells himself every morning that he will not take a drink tonight, it is a futile fantasy. However, if God chose to program some means of intervention and (hopefully successful) treatment, then that is exactly what will happen. If not, then it won’t happen.

“Then why should we bother trying to_____ [fill in the blank], if everything has been decided already?”

Of course I could ramble on and on about the implications and immediate questions, but I’m simply offering, as have others before me, something to think about. Maybe my/our idea is the Grand Unification Theory of Physics and Systematic Theology. This concept certainly claims an explanation for “everything.” Everything is wholly, and Holy, God’s Will (or, His Plan).

I will conclude by addressing one of those immediate questions—maybe two. Why in the world would God do that? What’s the point?

My answer is this: Because He can, first of all. Secondly, right before He does it all again, He will first gather everyone together and say, “Do you see me now? Do you understand why I only gave one commandment in the beginning? A few more wouldn’t have made any difference, would they? Do you see what is important, and what is not? So, if I give you a new-improved body, plus true free will, now, and an eternity to exercise it, what will you choose? How will you live? Or, would you prefer, because of your obstinate pride and anger, to not be a part of My Kingdom? Would you rather take the second death? This time, you really get to make the decision.”

Human nature is never changed by Humans. Never.

Before you get all huffy and make your list of examples which say otherwise, think about whether or not any one item can be said to have surprised God. Also, for those who rely heavily on God’s ability to “foresee” or “predict,” both imply “not really knowing.” In Mark 3:14, Jesus didn’t just predict that Peter was going to really mess up. He stated the hour of the day, the number of times Peter would deny Him, and the exact number of times that rooster would crow. That is “knowing” and “seeing” that hour, not predicting what could happen. Jesus didn’t arrange for an angel to go kick the rooster at 9:45 A.M. on Friday morning, or, as soon as Peter denied Jesus three times.

Wait! Then again, maybe He did. But, if He did, he arranged it before the Big Bang.

Just my opinion. And, I was predestined to give it.

Addendum: To hopefully appease a friend(s), I’ve realized that I need to speak more about this post.

Heck, I don’t know.  My Super-Deterministic Predestination sounds cruel. I can dig that. The number one, two, and infinite questions: 1 – Then what good is Prayer?

Well, what good is eating broccoli if you might die in a head-on crash with some Liberty Mutual auto insurance customer? What good is taking a shower if you ain’t goin’ anywhere? My stupid dog don’t care–I think. The point is, there are a whole bunch of things God tells us to do because He knows they are good for us, and, he knows we need guidance. So what if He already knows who, which of us will listen?

My reason for positing this theory of mine, and of many Christian scholars, is simple. Either God is transcendent of Time or he isn’t. Either He is is Omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent, or He isn’t. If He is stuck in our Arrow of Time, watching His Creation develop, and having to periodically nudge the bowling ball back onto the lane, then please be advised that He must not “know” how many pins we are going to knock down. [“But He is in control! He’ll knock down how ever many pins He desires.”] Or, [“We have Free Will. It’s our game. When He gets tired of our poor bowling skills, He will turn off the lights.”] Nope, and nope.

Biblical and Divine prophesy isn’t like Madam Marie Deveaux’s crystal ball or tarot cards. It isn’t like Washington, D.C. and MSM pundits predicting a Hillary victory, or a stock market crash if Trump wins.

If God exists outside and around Time, then He sees the beginning, middle, and end. Moreover, He created all of it/them. It’s a done deal. God isn’t constantly checking His watch to see how much longer He has to put up with this nonsense. He doesn’t have a watch.

Jeremiah 1:5
“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

And that whole Jacob and Esau thing, before they were born. My JW friends told me that it was because God could look into and at their DNA and predict everything they would do. Really? Predict? He created their DNA. He also designed and created their entire lives. He sees the end of their lives at the same time He sees them in the womb–before that, actually.

Lastly, scientists say that there is no evidence of spirits, souls, angels, demons, or anything that can’t be explained by natural processes. I believe them, up to a point.

However, they, and me and we, live in a 4-D Space-Time Continuum. It’s a pretty incredible and really Yuge place. “Science” continues to do an amazing job of mapping it all out-almost all of it. There is still some dispute as to what happens in the end.

I think God doesn’t need to predict. He knows. He wrote the Book. That’s Predestination, I think. I don’t know.

The working title of my next novel-a direct sequel to #3-is Proof of God. I have two ideas. The first is related to all of those ontological, teleological, and Aquinas’ Five Ways-kind of stuff. But the second will be a plain old logic sort of premise. If anyone has any suggestions (positive, kind, serious, non-profane), I’d be happy for help.



Questions ignored by Science


I joined three or four Stack Exchange communities last year as part of my Spectrum research, and because I have always been fascinated with those subjects anyway. My selections were Philosophy, Physics, Electrical Engineering, Christianity, and something else which escapes me at this moment. I impulsively jumped into an electrical question within my first week. Having been a journeyman, master, and electrical contractor (second generation), I found one which I felt pretty confident about, especially since I taught an electrical apprenticeship class for fourteen years. Some guy from Puerto Rico took a picture of the pole-mounted transformer which connected the power company to his house. He had asked, “What is that thing?”

I thought, ‘Man, I knows this sh*^!’ I proudly explained that it was a transformer! It had a single phase high voltage primary (two wire), and, a single phase, three-wire 240V/120V secondary. Two ungrounded conductors accounted for the 240V part. A neutral (grounded conductor) was “derived” by center tapping the secondary windings and establishing a connection to the ‘earth ground,’ thereby permitting 120V connections between a neutral and either one of the ungrounded conductors. My mistake was in asking the man if Puerto Rico’s power companies distributed electrical power in 50hertz (common in the Caribbean and Europe) frequency or 60hertz, which is the USA standard.

The only response I got was from an SE moderator, who tersely explained to me that if I chose to give answers to questions, by rules I was not supposed to ask questions. Okay, I accepted the rebuff. However, things got worse when I conspired to ask a question in the Physics community. Relative to my previous post, Non-locality, I decided to ask, Why is nonlocality being ignored when examining the Mind-Body Question? I referenced a particular book and its esteemed author. Well…! I had 3 or 4 moderators telling me that I need to provide more specifics regarding the nature of my question. “Which non-locality are you talking about? Quantum nonlocality?” “Could you give some context from [the book] in order to clarify your question…” I tried giving clarifications, but they were not sufficiently structured enough to interest the community. I finally withdrew my question.

With my tail tucked between my legs, I sulked for a few weeks. But my OCD eventually provoked me into asking a question on the Christianity site. I was certain (and remain so) that I had a question worthy of consideration if not a definitive answer. I asked, Is it premonition, prediction, or Divine prophesy? In Mark 14:30, Peter had proclaimed his faithfulness to be better than that of anyone else. Bad mistake.

NIV :  “Truly I tell you,” Jesus answered, “today—yes, tonight—before the rooster crows twice you yourself will disown me three times.”
So, anyway, I wanted to point out that if that rooster had crowed only once, there was a problem. Moreover, If Peter hadn’t denied Jesus three times before, say, 6:30 A.M. on a Friday morning, before the rooster made any noise at all, there was and is a problem.
Here’s my point: If prophesy such as that one can be so exact, then it is not a matter of really good guessing. It means that Jesus knew exactly what would happen, and when. He didn’t just have a vision. He saw it–and, He had seen it all before, when he wrote The Book of Life, when He designed and created the Universe. So what’s the big deal?
If–and it’s a big IF–it all went down as recorded, then as Christian, Bible believers, we must admit that Predestination and a super-deterministic view of the Universe must prevail. Chance and any Randomness does not permit that degree of accuracy. It’s true that everything happens for a reason, in my opinion. But it’s also true that everything happens exactly as written. God exists outside the boundaries of our 4-D Space-Time Continuum. He created–wrote–the whole thing, from beginning to end. He sees the beginning, the end, and everything in between from a perspective we cannot enjoy.
Free Will sure seems logical, undeniable, when we have choices to make. Actually, in theory we can make choices. However, like characters in a novel, nobody is going to go off script. Free will is an illusion.
Nonetheless, the Stack Exchange moderators immediately put my question on “hold.” They stated that it needed to be reworded in order to merit response. Whatever. I did get response from a guy whose Username was Karimson. It didn’t take long for me to realize three things about Mr. Karimson: He was a Muslim, he didn’t know much more than me about Christianity, Philosophy, and Physics–and, he likely lurked around the Christianity site in order to troll Christians. He never attempted to directly answer any of my arguments. I kept trying for a while. His responses were so clearly designed to ridicule any Christian doctrinal tenets that I quickly realized that I was wrestling with a pig. The pig enjoys it, you may recall. The moderators mostly ignored the pig. he was my problem, not theirs.
Finally, I also put in my two cents worth on another question, a matter of abortion. Skipping all of the unimportant details, I stated that “Science” ought to be able to say when Human life begins. If not the hour, or the day, at least the week shouldn’t be too much to ask from people who can map out the first, incredible 3 or 4 “epochs” which occurred following the Big Bang (each epoch involved astounding events, and those first epochs occurred in a time span measured in seconds and minutes. The whole Universe was pretty much established in about five minutes). BOOM! So why can’t Science say when a fetus becomes a human being? It does happen, right? Is it the minute before birth? A day before? A week? A month? Give me an educated guess.
 I was told that it is a nominative question, meaning that there is no way science can know the answer.
*(recommended for you) “Crystal Blue Persuasion” – Tommy James and the Shondells


In Spectrum and Principalities I wanted to feature a concept that served as a subtle backdrop in River Spirits and Ocala Spring, namely spiritism. ‘RS’ had two angels appearing in the beginning, midway point, and the end. ‘OC’  had the two eagles, representing the victims of a senseless double homicide.

While researching Spectrum‘s premise–J.J.’s neurological architecture–I had to learn as much as I could about the human brain and central nervous system, the human visual spectrum, and the body’s chemical and electromagnetic processes. That was expected going in. But I quickly realized that, in order to have J.J. see auras around people and independent energy fields, which could be spirits, I also had to study physics and paranormal accounts–an odd couple, for sure. I had no expectation of becoming a theoretical physicist who could discover the Grand Unification Theory for Classic and Quantum physics. That will happen in my fourth novel, Proof of God. Nor did I intend to try to drive around LA and score some LSD. But I had to read several books on The Mind-Body Question, a few more on near-death accounts, out-of-body experiences, visions, premonitions, religious or other epiphanies, hallucinations, and all paranormal topics. In philosophy, it was necessary to revisit past interests in Free Will vs. Predestination and Proofs of God. In physics, I knew I had to dig deeper into one of my OCD pet subjects–Bell’s Theorem. Specifically, if I wanted to hang my premise on a scientific hat rack, I had to pursue nonlocality, wherever it might lead me.


I enjoyed the chase! I did not become an expert in anything. But I learned a whole bunch of cool stuff! One of the things I learned is that most neurologists, neuron-anatomists, and, most scientists, academicians, and intellectuals believe that everything that happens can be explained in terms of natural electromagnetic and chemical processes. Never, they say, has anyone demonstrated observable or certifiable proof of any paranormal experience. All of those passionate accounts of near death experiences, or ghostly visitations, visual premonitions, telepathic communications–all of that psychic nonsense!–are nothing more than hallucinations created by and within the human brain. There is no independent reality attributable to those events. Nada.

I became convinced that their arguments (against) were unquestionably valid.

Worse, “science” says that if there were something (substance or medium, atomic or force) in the human brain–or anywhere else in the body–which might survive death, then they would be able to know it, see it (in the Large Hadron Collider), or, at least come up with possible new Standard Model of physics. They can’t. It ain’t there. So, where does that leave us, we people who talk about spirits and souls and resurrection?

There are two categories for laws of physics: classic physics (classical mechanics) and atomic physics (quantum mechanics). Angels and demons and ghosts and bright lights at the end of a tunnel are nowhere to be found, neither in observation nor in theory. Darn the luck! And theories (and beliefs) never turn into scientific laws just because folks want them to. It has to be experimentally observable, or, mathematically calculable.

Everything in the Universe is discussed in terms of fields, waves, forces, particles, dark matter, black holes and worm holes, locality and nonlocality, Closed End or Open End. Not much time, these days, is spent on trying to figure out where God is hiding, if he exists. A shame.

Advance of Math Visualization

But I’m telling you, that nonlocality thing is big trouble for the scientists. They had discussed the idea before Einstein. And Einstein, himself, said something like (I’m paraphrasing here), “Oh, hell no. That ain’t happening, dude.” But it did happen. John Bell proved it in 1965. Now, first of all, nonlocality essentially turned classical Newtonian physics on its head. Even the quantum people didn’t know what to do with it at first. Most of them tried to ignore the threat. Now they spend a lot of time trying to see if nonlocality can be used to transmit signals, data, something useful. Meh.

What is nonlocality? It is, as Einstein called it, spooky actions at a distance. It is an entanglement of particles, which once developed, continues to exist when separated, regardless of distance or time. It proves superluminal speeds, although the concept of “speed” doesn’t even really apply at that point. If a particle turns green in Miami, then its entangled particle-mate, floating somewhere a thousand light years away, turns green also–instantaneously. Try and explain that by laws of cause and effect.

In my learned opinion, or rather, in my humble and naive opinion, this nonlocality thing is a glimpse of how God works–in a completely Closed End, super-deterministic, predestined, and precisely created Universe. But that’s a whole ‘nother story, a horse of a different color.

My point is, these scientist and physics types are incredibly smart people. Try reading a book about theoretical physics. Sheesh! But there are some things they don’t know, yet–like: What links the Quantum Arrow of Time to the thermodynamic arrow?  That will have to wait until Book #5.

Maybe the Universe, the 4-D Space-Time Continuum, the Arrow(s) of Time, and all creatures contained within, represent an incredible science project designed by God. When the End comes, as planned, He will have no problem reassembling the parts and pieces. elements, and DNA again. It’s all in His mind. Only this time, He can gather everyone together and say, ‘Do you now see Me? Do you now get what I was trying to tell you?’ Plus, this time He incorporates some new, really cool everlasting materials into his creatures. No shelf life and no more unavoidable design flaws. *They were unavoidable because the ‘creature’ is/was necessarily imperfect. But Jesus provided the mechanism for reconciliation–the only way the Perfect could exist forever with the imperfect. He can invite anyone whom He chooses.

*True Free Will begins at that point in time–although, Time sort of loses its powers.

But I have digressed. Do angels and demons exist? I think so. I saw one (angel), a long time ago. I have met a few demonic spirits. In every case, their presence was my fault. Entanglements come in many forms–and spirits. Some are local. Some are, I hope, non-local. They’re the one’s which will last forever, regardless of Time and Space.

*(recommended for you) “How Great Thou Art” duet by Carrie Underwood & Vince Gill


The Memo: Questions never asked.


So you think you’re going to see “The Memo.” Then answer these questions:

Question #1

What in there is “Highly Classified”?

Evidence of crime(s) is not Top Secret information. Does the evidence dox secret agents? Okay, then redact their names. No problem. Provide the charging documents.

Today on FN The Daily Briefing, Dana asked DOJ spokeswoman (I mean, spokesperson) why the DOJ doesn’t want The Memo released. Sarah Isgur Flores stated that the DOJ wants to review *it first. “If there is any evidence of wrongdoing, we want to be able to take actions on that evidence.” She said the DOJ will take all appropriate measures, legal and disciplinary. Whoohoo!

*Rep. Devin Nunes composed his Memo from documents reluctantly handed over by the DOJ.

Question #2

If Nunes has found evidence of “wrongdoing,” why didn’t the DOJ, including the FBI, find it first?

Humorous break: The Democrats have been saying that The Memo is a political stunt to tamper with SC Mueller’s investigation into muh Russia. Adam Schiff states that if it is released, the American people will not understand it.

Their response: The democrats intend to release their own Memo. I’m sure the American people will be able to understand that one.

Question #3

Why are we talking about The Memo written by Nunes?

The author, whom I consider a White Hat, by composing this memo has already filtered and redacted. He has also given the Democrats their pressure point—which they are squeezing bigly.

Question #4

Why are we not demanding the “raw data,” the official, undeniable evidence collected by all of the law enforcement and intelligence communities?

Release The Memo! In February, not after the elections! But I will bet the first taker a $25 Bass Pro Shop gift certificate that when The (redacted by everybody in D. C, except our POTUS) Memo is finally released, the debate over it will delay the release of the raw data until…after 2020 presidential election. The day enough TRUTH is released to indict any one of the following, I will pay up: McCabe, Comey, Clapper, Samantha Power, Strozk & Page, Ohr(s), Abedin, etc, etc, etc.

Extra credit: For Hillary, I’ll quadruple the payoff.

Questions #5 & 6 & 7

How deep is the Deep State? How long have our Intelligence Agencies maintained a “secret society” stranglehold on our entire federal government? How long has FBI leadership been caught in that stranglehold?

Last Question #8

Do you think all of “The truth, and the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” will ever be released?

I’m going to answer this one. No. There is, now, one person who will never get a subpoena. It ain’t Hillary. And it damn sure ain’t President Donald J. Trump—although, I doubt Special Council Robert Mueller will try it. IF all of the truth comes out, Mueller’s next few years might depend on the mercy of our president.

How the GOP will cave


When the Democrats consent to be kind enough to end the #SchumerShutdown, the GOP will be kind enough to agree to DACA, now. This DACA agreement will be everything the Dems want, and nothing that they don’t. The border will NOT be secured. Chain migration will not be ended. Lottery visas might be the only concession. The WALL gets some fixes, for 1.4 billion dollars. A few more Border Patrol agents (already promised) will be hired. Period.

This is how Congress works. Manufactured crises always accomplish those agendas despised by the voters. “Well, we had to compromise,” say the GOP faithful—like Flake and McCain (and 100 others).

Freedom Caucus and true conservatives always lose in the end. “The People” always lose. Our POTUS cannot defeat both parties—unless he demands that all of the raw data underpinning Nunes’ already redacted #Memo. FBI and IC (Intelligence Community) people will go to prison. However, the highest ranking conspirators will be protected by Congress.

Don't tread on me

This how the federal government works, when Congress actually works.