New “Tweet” pinned: I’ve been obsessing about politics, systematic theology vs real science, and an extensive list of particular people, particular groups, and ideologies who/which want to destroy this second country that God has made a shining light upon a hill. I am a writer, and I should concentrate on writing novels, and/or something from my heart, not from my bitterness. Therefore, I’m going to ignore politics–and all those other things. (I’ll give this some time and see what happens. Maybe a week. A couple of days.)

Indian River & spoil islands

My third novel, Spectrum and Principalities, also features Travis Lee and Dr. Monica Daniel, psychiatrist. I was going to do this story without them, but on the third scene I knew that they both had to be in this.  The main character is someone who can see beyond the human visual spectrum, a young man who can see angels and demonic spirits when their energy fields condense.

I am retired, St. Lucie County, Florida; born and raised in Palm Beach County.

#BlueLivesMatter #NRA #2A #ProLife #Christian #Conservative #StandsWithIsrael

I love “huntin,’ fishin,’ and taking a nap every day–even in a tent, cabin, or in a hotel room overlooking a beach.




My fave sites: It might take me a while to get their URLs pasted correctly.

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https://wlflegalpulse.com/ The Legal Pulse

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