Paintings & Book images

Mrs. Green goes to the beach0001
“Mrs. Green goes to the beach to lay her eggs” My fave painting, hangs in my sister’s house.
Siesta Canal
“The ‘M’ Canal” This painting is based on the canal on the north side of Blue Cypress Lake, west of Vero Beach. An important person bought it for $750!


paintings813 001
“Dancing in the Moonlight”
paintings813 002
“Adams Ranch dawn”
Heading Out
“Goin’ Out” This one was influenced by my favorite ‘Highwaymen’ artist, Harold Newton (RIP).


Starry Night Arles
A very famous painting of mine! (I did get the idea from someone else.) (Ditto these two below.)


Below, some photos from our cabin in Ocala Nat. Park, near Astor, Fl. My second novel, Ocala Spring, featured this cabin and the twin lakes.

A collection of  odds and dead ends, with a couple of not-so-bads.

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