Forget the “Memo.” Release the original evidence, un-redacted.


Two or three members of Congress are speaking out about the Memo, especially Rep. Matthew Gaetz, Florida, and, Rep. Jim Jordan, Ohio. But why aren’t Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell speaking publicly? Why aren’t other congressmen and women and senators?

Why are we discussing only The Memo, which was composed by Rep Devin Nunes, Cal.? “The ‘growing chorus’ of GOP voices is talking about an obscure rule which would allow them to bypass executive power to declassify.” Why bypass? Does anyone think that POTUS doesn’t want this information shown to the public? Seriously?

“There is disagreement within the Republican conference about not redacting the document first, with some Republicans expressing concerns about releasing sensitive intelligence information.”

Why redact? Redact what? What sensitive intelligence information? So, some people violated FISA laws, and other laws: Why is that considered classified information?

By “composing” this Memo himself, Devin Nunes has already performed some redacting, sadly, and simultaneously given the Democrats a pressure point. Release the original evidence!

Think the American people can’t handle the truth? Or, are GOP leaders covering up something? Evidence of a crime is not Top Secret material. So what’s the problem?

I’ll tell you why the GOP legislators don’t really don’t want to release an un-redacted Memo, and, why they will never release all of the original evidence. There is only one person they must protect. There is only one person who will never be subpoenaed.

Gucci cuffs

Those so-called “racist” Republicans will never prosecute former president, Barack Hussein Obama. Never. Ever. Why? It wouldn’t matter if Obama shot someone on NYC’s Broadway. He’s untouchable. His people—who, of course, can’t be racists.—will burn cities to the ground if he gets so much as a subpoena to testify in a congressional hearing.

The People will never get a peek at all of the evidence. We might get enough to indict Hillary. She’s an old white lady. Who cares? But I’ll settle for that, plus prison time for James Clapper, James Comey, all of the McCabe Gang, and every Fusion GPS co-conspirator.

Sure, GOP, release the Memo. But I dare you to release all of the original evidence. Let President Donald J. Trump decide—not you kabuki theater comedians and slimy Deep State snakes.

Fox News Eboni Williams attacks ‘The Sheriff’


Dear Fox News weekend Fox and Friends, you lost many viewers after “The Specialists” debacle. People are tired of the so-called Fair and Balanced liberal morons hired to be fair and balanced. They’re not. Twenty years from now, Juan Williams will still be making faces and saying, “Oh, I see. Oh I see…,” and otherwise spinning the facts presented to him. And Geraldo, will always be claiming to be a Republican. Marie Harf and Jessica Tarlov will continue to prove that Democrat presidents, and first ladies, sure know how to find and hire geniuses.

But when, as happened this morning, the female host begins attacking a guest and not allowing him to speak, maybe it’s time to rethink your Rules of Engagement. Or, maybe rethink your decisions about who to put on your most popular segments.

Eboni Williams always spoke fast and out of both sides of her mouth on The Specialists. This morning she spoke only out of one side, the only side she truly cares about. And, she tried to intimidate a great man who cannot be intimidated – Sheriff David Clarke.

I’m still stunned by what I saw and heard. She should have been fired on the set during the next commercial break.

The weekend FNC always turns into a soft-porn version of MSNBC. Please don’t let Eboni ever sit between Doocy and Kilmeade during the week. I’m already down to Bret Baier-and-later shows.


Soros Staging a Women’s COUP?


The sexual scandals are growing. And while the media has remained the focal target, the Swamp is just beginning to feel the unraveling as more and more woman point the finger. An interesting concept has emerged with this regard; could it be that the stage is being set for the next election? With white males targeted, unveiled as evil, supremacists, and racists, could the cabal be creating a bubble wherein the next election will be all about the victims – women?

This November the Soros organization, Democracy Alliance, held a conference in Carlsbad California in which a few notable females were being potentially as Democrat Presidential candidates; Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar. One of the programs on the agenda was titled, “The Next Majority” and dealt with how to mobilize and persuade women voters given they outnumber men in the voting stream. A sub-chapter of this alliance is called,

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