Spectrum and Principalities


Travis Lee, farm boy, former Florida Gators linebacker, former deputy sheriff (Palm Beach County), Baptist, likes huntin’, fishin’, and country music. He doesn’t like liberals, progressives, or anybody else who thinks that getting meat from penned-up cows and chickens is more humane than harvesting a deer or turkey in the wild. Monica’s friends all think he’s adorable.



Of course, Monica ain’t too bad either. *(Present age undisclosed.) 5’11” (weight undisclosed). Jewish (Polish ancestry), graduate of Maryland and Johns Hopkins Medical School. She likes musicals and smooth jazz. In any distance longer than 100 yards, she can outrun Travis any day, every day. He can beat her arm wrestling. She is smarter than him. He doesn’t mind, usually.

Jessica Sutta 002



Singapore Chinese temple
A representation of Phillipe’s home in Kowloon–a former Shaolin temple.
Sam & katana
CIA agent Lu Sammy Smith w/katana
John and Diana walking on the beach: North Hutchinson Island, Indian River County, Florida.


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