Soros Staging a Women’s COUP?


The sexual scandals are growing. And while the media has remained the focal target, the Swamp is just beginning to feel the unraveling as more and more woman point the finger. An interesting concept has emerged with this regard; could it be that the stage is being set for the next election? With white males targeted, unveiled as evil, supremacists, and racists, could the cabal be creating a bubble wherein the next election will be all about the victims – women?

This November the Soros organization, Democracy Alliance, held a conference in Carlsbad California in which a few notable females were being potentially as Democrat Presidential candidates; Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar. One of the programs on the agenda was titled, “The Next Majority” and dealt with how to mobilize and persuade women voters given they outnumber men in the voting stream. A sub-chapter of this alliance is called,

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“The Utter Complete Total Fraud of Wind Power’ (Matt Ridley presents the facts)

A former, second-generation electrical contractor and apprenticeship instructor, I have always understood the efficacy of “generated” electrical power, whether with fossil fuel or nuclear energy–and the extremely limited ability of d.c. sources to power the world. This article proves that, plus shines spotlights on the ugly (inconvenient) truth of wind-power.

Iowa Climate Science Education

“[I]t is utterly futile, on a priori grounds, even to think that wind power can make any significant contribution to world energy supply, let alone to emissions reductions, without ruining the planet. As the extraordinary polymath Sir David MacKay pointed out, the arithmetic is against such unreliable renewables.”

– Matt Ridley, “Wind is an Irrelevance to the Energy and Climate Debate“(May 15, 2017)

An op-ed and blog post several months ago by Matt Ridley is still making the rounds. A great thinker, Ridley gets to the essence of things and is hard to ignore, even by his critics. His book The Rational Optimist: How Prosperity Evolves(2010), is a seminal contribution in the Julian Simon tradition. (His other work can be found here.)

Here are some salient excerpts from his op-ed/post:

“[Wind power’s] contribution is still, after decades — nay centuries — of development, trivial to the point of irrelevance.  Even…

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